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How Canadian are you? – A Canada Day food quiz

What’s your favourite Canadian food? Pick your favourite from the list below, and see what it says about you. Beaver tails – You are from out of town. You may even be from out of country. Barack Obama enjoyed a Beaver tail when he visited Ottawa in 2009. (Are you Barack Obama? If so, we know you’re not Canadian – we’ve seen your birth certificate.) Saskatoon berry pie – You planned your wedding around your CFL team’s schedule. This is true even if you’re the mother of the bride. Butter tarts – You grew up eating community dinners in the church basement. You know at least three people who claim to have the best butter tart recipe in the world. You agree with all of them. Kraft dinner – University was the best time of your life! (See also: ramen.) Tourtiere – You are a traditionalist. You love your extended family…