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Good Foot Delivery

Recently when Restaurants Canada needed to make more than a dozen deliveries, both in Toronto and nearby, we reached out to a company that’s been on our radar for some time. Good Foot Delivery hires people with developmental disabilities to make its deliveries, all of which are made on foot or by mass transit. We met Jon Gauthier, who runs brand and social management for the company, and courier Mike Zwarts, and wanted to share some of what we learned about them. It all began in February 2010, when Jon’s sister Kirsten needed to have some packages delivered. She knew Jon had been having trouble finding a meaningful job, and so she helped him launch Good Foot. They set it up as a not-for-profit company with a mission of helping and employing people with disabilities, and of making deliveries in environmentally-friendly ways. Jon was hired as the first courier in February 2010.…