Have you ever loved your pet so much that you wish you could take them to dinner with you? Well, Nestle Japan has a new service that could make all your dreams come true! As a part of their new program to promote their new fancy MonPetit cat food line, Nestle Japan has offered to come to various Tokyoite’s homes and cook a meal for you and your cat. No, we’re not joking.

Pay $180 dollars and have a 4-course meal cooked for you and your favourite feline friend by a chef – according to FWx, “Each course takes one of MonPetit’s cat food pouches and serves it up alongside a similar dish designed for humans.” 

We just wonder if the cat would even know what was going on, let alone be able to stay in one place for a whole evening. But – if there is food involved, it probably wouldn’t be that difficult! Watch the promotion video (in Japanese) here:



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