Food, culture & travel: PM Trudeau divulges on what makes Canada great

Canada is geographically and culturally diverse – which translates into the food we eat. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shared a meal with American Top Chef Kristen Kish at Chuck Hughes’ restaurant, Garde Manger in Montreal, to talk about emerging food trends across Canada and tips on where to travel in Canada.

In the video, Hughes prepares a Korean-spiced seafood dish with his notable touches for the two to share.

“I kept it really lo-fi, [to] just taste the crab,” chef Hughes says. He conspicuously nods at the Korean-born, Michigan-raised Kish when he tells her about the spice, and he notes the crab is fresh from Baei-Comeau, Quebec.

This dinner date is part of a new, three-year, Destination Canada tourism campaign – we can’t wait to see what’s next! Kish asks Trudeau questions about the food across the country and how to find hidden gems across our beautiful country.

“Make sure you combine a little bit of city and countryside. You can’t totally get Canada unless you play with both,” Trudeau answers.


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