Back to School, Back to Work

Back to School also means back to work for parents who take advantage of flex time scheduling, remote working arrangements along with those in academia. Capitalize on this largely untapped market and you’ll find yourself filling tabletops during downtimes and boosting incremental sales in the process.

Back to School
Non-traditional jobs and schedules abound today. Many parents find themselves creating work schedules and environments that work around their children’s school hours. This might mean dropping kids off in the morning and then ducking in to an establishment in the area that they can work from. Traditionally that has meant a Starbucks or another coffee shop but it very well could be your restaurant they are becoming a regular at if you can provide them with the working environment they need. Do you offer free WiFi to customers? Can you afford to give them a four top instead of a two top and sit them close to a power outlet? If so, consider teaming up with a service like OOOT that allows these workers to reserve a table from their phone and even receive a push reminder when their time is up.
Back to School
Canadians are devoted to foodservice outlets – some 94% ate at a restaurant in the three months leading up to February 2016. They aren’t married to traditional dining times either – popping in for a snack or late lunch is just as likely to happen as showing up during your lunch rush. Imagine a realtor who has had back to back showings and missed lunch. She now finds herself with an hour to spare before school pick up. She could hop on OOOT, reserve a table and use her hour to grab a quick meal while drawing up a contract. Remember most of these diners are business savvy as well and don’t miss the value in being able to write off a business meal. Impress these business diners and they will not only return themselves to work but they will also be back to entertain clients and friends alike.

Fall is a time for looking at how to draw in new clientele in new ways. The easy days of summer are now over and restaurant downtimes increase. Rather than letting this lead into winter doldrums be proactive and draw in those who are already looking to have a seat at an establishment just like yours.



Andrew Tischler is a McKinsey & Company alumnus, lawyer, OOOTer, and hands-on serial entrepreneur. His latest endeavor is the Out of Office Thinker (OOOT). He is excited to branch out into app development and provide people with an easier way to work out of the office by joining them and businesses like restaurants and cafes with on-demand, available workspaces through a few swipes of the screen. Find out more at