Top Seafood in Entrees

Listed 2,282 times on menus, shrimp is the most popular seafood in entrees on Canadian menus, according to Technomic’s MenuMonitor database. Shrimp is a diverse seafood in main dishes, used in everything from pasta to seafood pizzas to sandwiches to Asian noodles. Shrimp preparations are also varying with grilled, seared, fried, oven-roasted and smoked all listed on menus.

Tuna is another leading seafood found in entrees on Canadian menus, with 1,126 menu mentions. This widely popular seafood appears in a broad variety of entrees, ranging from classic tuna salad sandwiches to more upscale seared ahi. Tuna is also recognized as a better-for-you option, making it particularly popular among health-conscious diners.

Many of these seafood varieties make the list due to their common use in sushi. Leading Asian chains in Canada offer sushi and specialty rolls made with ingredients like shrimp or prawn tempura, salmon sashimi and yellowfin tuna. seafood entrees


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