Incorporating Craft Beer into Your Restaurant Strategy

What’s better than sitting down with family and friends at a local restaurant? How about sharing that together time while enjoying a local beer crafted on site!

We know that dining out with friends and family has always been an important part of our entertainment and travel experience. In fact, it is well documented that going to a restaurant is the number one preferred activity of Canadians whether locally or while on vacation (source Tourism BC, 2007, Travel Activities and Motivations of Canadians). So how do you differentiate your restaurant and attract more customers? Take your restaurant to the next level. Capitalize on the popularity of craft beers and add a custom brewery to your restaurant. It is a recipe for success.


Craft beer is cited by the Restaurant Canada 2016 Canadian Chef survey as the number one food trend for the second year in a row. But it is much more than a trend. Craft beer has staying power. And craft beer is versatile. It has nuances of colour, taste, feel, and character that make for a perfect complement with any food style. It can serve as an ice breaker while waiting for friends and deciding on your order, the perfect beverage to quaff with your meal, and even as a desert drink.

Further, by incorporating local ingredients into your beer you can make the most of the locavore movement. Extend this to using it in recipes and sauces…

Most importantly, craft beer can serve as a great marketing and promotions item to draw in new customers and retain existing clientele while telling your unique story. Adding a two or three vessel microbrewery to your establishment is easier than ever. Just like an open kitchen concept, you can provide your customers an upfront and personal look at the quality craft beverage they are enjoying at their table. Engage your customers. Show off your latest creation on Instagram. Promote a beer tasting event at your restaurant on Facebook. Upload a video of your craft brewery production to Youtube. Use Twitter to share recipes and tasting notes (#local #craftbeer #beerandfoodpairing). Sell branded glassware and growlers and T-shirts.

Don’t know where to start? Prettech Canada offers custom craft brewing solutions for the restaurant industry for spaces as small as 600 ft2. There’s never been a better time to start. Prettech Canada is offering a complete turn-key micro craft brewery set-up for restaurants and restauranteurs that will turn your eatery into the local microbrewery. Providing a spot where your business will brew your own amazing beers and increase your business’ traffic & profits like never before.

Prettech Canada starts the process by providing a business case study for you, so that you know exactly what the viability of a microbrewery will be in your particular area & market. Everyone loves beer but we also want to make sure that before you make your final decision, the population in your area will be enough to support your new business.

Call Prettech Canada at (604) 783-6003 for a free consultation or visit for more information.

Michael Chaplin has a technical background as a project manager honed over years acquiring, redeveloping and managing a diverse real estate portfolio.  Influenced by a four generation food and beverage family, Michael has a passion for the rapidly growing craft brewing industry. Michael reached out to Restaurants Canada to form an aline him self with like minded entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry.  Mr. Chaplin became the CEO for Prettech Canada 3 years ago, he enjoys the challenges working with a team of engineers to craft custom manufactured stainless steel for the brewing and fermentation markets.  Michael really enjoys mentoring clients considering the move into the industry.  He is currently working with Simon Fraser University to offer a brewing essentials certification program to Prettech clients. If you can make a bowl of porridge you can brew amazing craft beer. The next step is to “Craft your investment “and contact Michael at Prettech Canada.