Restaurants Canada member St-Hubert is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year.

How does a company not just last for 65 years, but remain a beloved part of its community? St-Hubert can thank two principles that have been key to its success: a dedication to tradition, and a constant willingness to innovate.

Tradition and innovation

A brief history of the company makes it clear that they’ve embraced innovation since day one. The first St-Hubert rotisserie was opened on Montreal’s St-Hubert street in 1951. The following year, they initiated Canada’s first free delivery service. In the 1970s the company introduced a modern phone-order centre, and in 1992 the St-Hub resto-bar concept was launched. St-Hubert Express, for people on the go, was kicked off in 1995. In the past six years alone, they’ve opened their first LEED-certified restaurant (for leadership in energy and environmental design), introduced on-line ordering, and partnered with Quebec Hydro on a network of charging stations for electric cars.

At the same time, they are very much about their roots, and about the community they serve. Annik Labrosse, marketing vice-president, says, “St-Hubert has been in the lives of Quebecers for many generations. It is above all a love story and we wanted to thank our customers who … inspire us and who help our rotisseries evolve.”


In honour of the anniversary, and to thank those customers, the company is airing an ad that pays homage to the many customers who have eaten with them over the years. Dozens of costumes and makeup changes and six shooting locations let St-Hubert cross the decades in this 60-second advertisement.

“The idea was to convey that the St-Hubert success was built year after year,” says Silvan Reste, artistic director of Sid Lee, the agency that produced the ad. “It is an anniversary that celebrates tradition and reinvention. The concept of the passage of time perfectly expresses St-Hubert’s DNA: An audacious rotisserie master that does not forget its roots.”

Here’s the ad that shows how they have evolved with their customers:

Congratulations to St-Hubert – we wish you another 65 years of prosperity!


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