Imagine this: walking around the city on a lazy Sunday, feeling parched, when you stumble upon a miraculous sight. The gentle rustling and flow of liquid can be heard from afar, and as you get closer, you notice a little area blocked off with a fountain. It’s a red wine fountain. Now imagine this: it’s not a dream and it actually exists in central Italy.14720336_1778441192422804_3850011636278992857_n

Earlier this year, this idyllic, and unique wine fountain was inaugurated in Abruzzo, Italy. The first of it’s kind, this fountain flows 24/7 and provides locally produced, free red wine on demand. This magical faucet can be found along a popular pilgrimage route, the Cammino di San Tommaso.

It’s made clear by the vineyard that this is not a space for “drunkards” or “louts,” and that it is not a “publicity stunt.” The route, which brings thousands of pilgrims and tourists to the city yearly, is an integral point in the journey from Rome to Ortona, as the city’s cathedral houses the remains of Thomas, one of Jesus’ disciples. A similar fountain can be found in Spain, on the Camino de Santiago, another popular pilgrimage route.


Named “The fontana del vino,” is located in Caldari di Ortona, in the central-Italian city of Abruzzo. We have the local Dora Sarchese, vineyard, to thank for this marvelous creation. The wine, nor the vintage, has not been named, but we’re sure it tastes just as good as you can imagine.

“The wine fountain is a welcome, the wine fountain is poetry,” says the Dora Sarchese vineyard as quoted from its Facebook page.

Check out the fountain here:




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