Topper’s Pizza, the beloved Northern Ontario pizza chain, is in the process of expanding across Ontario, with six new locations in the province.


The newest Thunder Bay pizzeria set record sales numbers, with over 4000 pizzas in one week – and their Facebook fan base expanded by over 1,000 followers in a week.

Here’s how they made it happen: The company spent a full year establishing the groundwork and forecasting for the next phase of their business.  This included refreshing their brand, hiring a new Director of Franchise Development, and surveying more than 8,000 customers, all of which helped pave the way for successful future growth, technology, and customer service.

“We took the last year to really establish important groundwork that got us to this point,” said Karen Trottola, Director of Marketing and Communications. “We spent time to find the right franchise owners and took another look at our branding.”

To prepare for the growth, the company has moved its customer care centre, which was originally in the back of the Sudbury pizzeria, to it’s own location. “That gives us the opportunity to respond to the future growth of the Topper’s brand,” said Todd Sattler, Director of Franchise Development. “Even the pizzeria is in a larger location. It is a bigger space, newer venue and equipped with new technology.  To enhance the customer experience, we’ve added a dough room that provides an interactive experience with the customer.”

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Topper’s Pizza
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Topper’s Pizza strives to give back to their local communities while in addition, partnering with SickKids® Foundation.

– by Anne-Marie Hardie
Content Strategy
Catalyst Communications Choreography