Taking your company’s safety in your own hands

Staffing in our industry is always tough. In fact, it’s the number one issue for foodservice operators, year over year, according to the Restaurants Canada Restaurant Outlook Survey. If you’re looking to hire a new recruit for your business – whether it’s a bar or a food supply position, it’s highly recommended that you conduct a pre-employment screening.

According to the Restaurants Canada Restaurant Outlook Survey, “higher minimum wages in 2016 have raised labour costs for most operators. “ With such tight margins, and big issues affecting our industry, you want to make sure that the time and energy you spend in finding the right candidate means something. Taking the time to pre-screen your employees can make a world of difference for your company, and overall brand.

While many may think that this would be an entirely unnecessary step to your process, the fact is that 41% of employers believe that one bad hire could cost your company nearly $25,000 dollars.

Organizations conduct background checks before hiring to:

  1. Reduce legal liability for negligent hiring
  2. To ensure a safe workplace for employees
  3. To reduce internal theft

Employing this process isn’t a matter of distrust. Rather, it’s just due diligence that you as a business owner should consider.

What is Pre-Screening?

Interested but not sure what it actually takes? Pre-screening is the process of verifying the details that a candidate has put in their application. This could be something as simple as verifying previous employers, skills, qualifications, referees, and experience. Legally, it is possible for you to make these inquires of your new hire in a pre-screening process.

You may feel that, for privacy reasons, the kinds of questions you can ask a candidate are limited. However, it is legally possible to make a number of enquiries about your candidate in a pre-screening process.

The 3 Types of Criminal Background Checks

The 3 Types of Results from a Background Check

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