How A.I. is shaping recruitment

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is the next major revolution. The technology is promising to make our lives easier with everything from answering customer service questions, to working in hospitals and even making meals. A.I. will have a huge effect on your life, whether you’re aware of it or not, and its influence is likely to grow in the coming years.


So what if there is a way A.I. could be used to help the hospitality industry with an increasingly difficult problem – namely recruitment, scheduling to demand and labour costs? According to Restaurants Canada’s Q1 2016 Restaurant Outlook Survey, labour costs were a significant issue for 61% of operators – second only to increased food costs. Three in ten operators were facing a shortage of skilled labour, and 20% had a shortage of unskilled labour. Add to this high turnover, difficulty recruiting due to working conditions (evening and weekend work, seasonal variations, etc.), the shrinking labour pool, and a multitude of proposed legislative changes on the horizon, and you’ve got an industry in need of a new solution.

With Hyr, A.I. is used to solve some of these unique challenges within the hospitality industry. First and foremost, there is a better way to recruit. Hyr’s A.I. technology will connect companies and workers who have intent. So what does that mean? Imagine as an owner or hiring manager, you had the ability to connect only with applicants that specifically match your skill requirements and pay offerings, but also who are ready and available to work, on demand, at that exact moment. With Hyr, this is now possible!

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This is because with Hyr, we are looking to solve the match-making problem in a new and innovative way. The problem on the company side is an antiquated, complicated, and inefficient process to find quality talent. And the problem on the worker side is an antiquated, complicated, and inefficient process to find quality jobs. In short, to find each other, most companies rely on mass asking, and most workers on mass answering. For specific members of both groups, temp agencies and recruiters sit in the middle, trying to make connections. And in speaking with companies and workers, the recurring theme is that while shiny new platforms may make mass asking and mass answering slightly slicker, matches are more often made by luck than made in heaven.

That’s why Hyr’s A.I. only connects parties if there is intent and a skills match. Our A.I. will work as a recruiter for hourly paid shift work – like bartending, hostessing or back-of-house positions. Think of it this way –  today, if a job is valuable enough, a company or a worker can talk to a recruiter. The recruiter takes down all of the relevant information; background, skills, pay requirements –  then goes to work with an incentive to match the parties. Hyr’s A.I. does all of this for hourly paid hospitality shift work and manages all the activity in app and over text messaging – this hyper-efficient recruitment model simply has not existed before now.

Now on to the second point – how does using Hyr help operators reduce labour costs? Hyr’s platform connects traditional hospitality companies with new economy labour – that’s labour that acts as an independent contractor for each shift worked using Hyr. So, by using independent contractors, companies save on various costs including recruitment, insurance and payroll. And operators can now fill scheduling needs on demand – did your dishwasher no-show for work, did your bartender call off sick, or did you have an unexpected surge in business today? With A.I. technology of Hyr, you will now be connected seamlessly to the workers you need, when you need them, in real-time and on demand.


The fact that at any given moment there are scores of job seekers looking for work and countless companies looking to fill positions is testament to the fact that until now, the perfect hiring paradigm hasn’t been found. But with Hyr, old age problems are fixed by way of a recruitment process that’s convenient and efficient, allowing companies to combat our shallow labour pool by sharing quality workers.

Combined, our co-founding team has worked for 20+ years in the hospitality industry. We have built a system that incents participation from quality, trained individuals who are eager to work additional shifts. On a personal note, I would have loved access to Hyr’s technology right out of university when I took on my first 9-5 job. At that time, I was a quality, trained fast casual restaurant server having worked part-time during school. But no resource was available for me to pick up shift work, on my schedule, on demand, while still managing my new 9-5 job. That opportunity would have been a lifesaver for me financially, and I’m confident restaurants could have used my labour when in the weeds or during seasonal needs.

We are thrilled to introduce Hyr to the hospitality industry, and would love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Please do reach out to us to learn more.


Erika Mozes

Erika is the Co-Founder of Hyr.  Prior to entering the tech world, she was a public affairs executive working for multinational corporate brands including McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and GlaxoSmithKline.