With six stages, two in-show conferences and an expansive 250,000 square-foot show floor, there are endless ways to learn, grow and gain inspiration at RC Show 2018, Innovation Unleashed.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve rounded up 10 of the top speakers you should check out:

RC SHOW TOP 10 Speakers For Every Taste Bud

  1. Jon Taffer

    Taffer is known for his candid and unapologetic rapport on the TV show Bar Rescue. If you like his chutzpah, don’t miss his talk at the RC Leadership Conference on strategies for building a more effective sales team that will change your business overnight.

    RC SHOW TOP 10 Speakers For Every Taste Bud

  2. Shega Youngson

    Let’s be blunt about cannabis and food, this joint culinary partnership isn’t going anywhere. Check out Shega Youngson, National Community Engagement Manager of Tweed, as she shares her thoughts at The Future of Cannabis panel discussion.

    RC SHOW TOP 10 Speakers For Every Taste Bud

  3. Alan Smithson

    VR and AR are exploding into our culture; they’ll impact how people eat out, and also how we train staff. Smithson, CEO & Co-Founder of MetaVRse, will share insightful ideas at RC Leadership Conference. Find out how virtual reality and augmented reality will change your business’s game!

    RC SHOW TOP 10 Speakers For Every Taste Bud

  4. Aaron Allen

    Allen is one of the world’s most sought-after restaurant consultants. At RC Leadership Conference, he’ll be sharing sage advice on how to navigate the restaurant industry in the age of disruption, and delving into the trends that are reshaping the industry.

    RC SHOW TOP 10 Speakers For Every Taste Bud

  5. Irwin Adam

    Food can be out of this world … literally! Creative Scientist Dr. Irwin Adam will be the keynote speaker at the Space to Spoon: Future of Food & Eating session and will share his perspective on how technology impacts consumer interactions with their food.

    RC SHOW TOP 10 Speakers For Every Taste Bud


    Nicknamed the “Queen of Clean,” Kadri is CEO of technology-savvy cleaning company Diversey. Her lineup of products includes robots and smart systems that minimize human error. She’s speaking at RC Leadership Conference about innovative digital solutions and game-changing approaches. She’s also joining the Eyes To The Future panel at Breakfast With Champions with three other powerful women executives.

    RC SHOW TOP 10 Speakers For Every Taste Bud

    Hall has an energetic style and bold approach that he brings to everything he does. Even the name of the company he founded – Eureka! Ranch – has his signature exclamation mark. If you’re ready to be motivated, check him out as keynote speaker at Breakfast With Champions where he discusses how to think smarter, faster and more creatively!RC SHOW TOP 10 Speakers For Every Taste Bud
    With a title like Director of Culinary Innovation at Longo’s, you can’t help but be intrigued by Cammalleri’s work. He’ll be chatting about why grocerants are the future of shopping, as part of a panel discussion on the Speaker Stage.RC SHOW TOP 10 Speakers For Every Taste Bud
    Sustainability isn’t a trend, it’s a necessity. Charismatic chef Brad Long is a pioneer in advocating ethical, local, organic, and sustainable food practices. He brings over 30 years of experience to the table while talking about the Business Case for Sustainability.RC SHOW TOP 10 Speakers For Every Taste Bud
    If you’re a fan of food delivery, you know Ritual. Ritual is an app that connects consumers to thousands of local restaurants, and that has tapped into consumers’ needs. Reddy’s app changed the food scene, and he’ll be sharing his insight on a panel about How Technology is Changing the Game.RC SHOW TOP 10 Speakers For Every Taste Bud

    Learn more about these speakers and when they’ll be speaking on the RC Show speaker page
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