The RC Show is known for bringing new innovations to the table and one experience that innovation collides with exciting creativity is at the competitions! We’ve rounded up the top five coffee, cocktails and culinary competitions taking stage – and no prisoners – at this year’s RC Show:

Coffee In Good Spirits 

Coffee with liquor is one of the best food and beverage fusions since mac met cheese. This is the first competition of its kind held in Canada and will be running over all three days of the show. Here the competitors, made up of baristas and mixologists are required to produce two sets of drinks: The first being their take on Irish Coffee and the second being their own choice based on the spirit unveiled this year.

Sunday & Monday, Feb 25th & 26th: 12pm-4pm,
Finals Tuesday, Feb 27th: 10:20am-12:15pm

5 Competitions to Check out at RC Show 2018

Latte Art Nationals 

Giving the competitions’ a caffeine boost is The Latte Art Nationals competition. Making its second debut in Canada this competition spans all three days of the show with the first two rounds following directly after Coffee In Good Spirits competition. Competitors are required to make six drinks: two sets of matching free-pour lattes and one set of matching designer patterns.

Sunday & Monday, Feb 25th & 26th: 12pm-4pm following Coffee In Good Spirits
Finals Tuesday, Feb 27th: 1:15pm-2:30pm

5 Competitions to Check out at RC Show 2018

Garland Culinary Competition 

The Garland Culinary Competition brings the heat and not just to the oven. Competing chefs go head-to-head in front of a live audience to create the most innovative dish that will positively influence a menu’s bottom line, while working against the clock. Over the first two days the judges will chop the competition down to six semi-finalists who will compete at the finals for over $5,000 cash and prizing.

Sunday & Monday, Feb 25th & 26th: 12pm-4pm
Finals Tuesday, Feb 27th: 12pm-4pm

Beyond the Rail Bartender Showcase 

This year we’re taking the bartender cocktail competition beyond the rail. Bartenders showcase their competition-built cocktail programs that merge sustainability, creativity, and profitability with speed and accuracy. The winner will be awarded $5,000 and the prestigious title of RC Show Innovative Bartender of the Year!

Monday, Feb 26th: 3pm-5pm

Speed Rack 

Speed Rack shines a spotlight on female mixologists thriving behind bars across Canada. It is a speed mixology competition that is made by and for female bartenders. The competition not only brings excitement with a twist of female empowerment, but also raises money with all proceeds going towards Rethink Breast Cancer that supports breast cancer research, education, and prevention.

Sunday, Feb 25th: 3pm-5pm

So if you are interested in seeing top and emerging talent bring
their creativity and fierce competitive edge to the table register here.