This year’s Restaurants Canada Show –  AKA RC show – was about innovation and future trends.

From maki making robots to virtual reality, from to vegan jerky to Ontario shrimp, from cannabis to sustainable farming; the future of the foodservice industry was displayed through a variety of innovative products and unique concepts.

Many of these innovative products made it into the news after the show, which means it’s only a matter of time until they make their way into your restaurant.
Are you ready?

5 innovation trends showcased at RC Show 2018


No it is not a trend, it is reality: 85 % of Canadians don’t order alcohol with meals for various reasons. And while their friends might be cheering with an exciting cocktail, the non-alcoholic drinkers are often left with blend options.

To tap into this market, Seedlip created the first even alcohol-free distilled spirit, bringing all the complex flavours that are crucial to virgin cocktails, including emblematic ones like a Negroni. The brewers serve up intriguing flavours, such as Garden 108, made with peas, hay, spearmint, rosemary and thyme.

As for The Mocktail Company, they created bottled and ready to drink virgin cocktails offering an easy and problem-free mocktail you can serve to guests even if your restaurant doesn’t have a bar.

5 innovation trends showcased at RC Show 2018


Technology in your kitchen, that’s a given. Between high-tech convention ovens and sushi-making robots, it’s apparent that the future is here. But did you consider having technology directly on your guests’ table?

Ordering drinks and meals off tablets is changing the way we order throughout the industry and Kodisoft is pushing this new technological trend further. What if your table IS the technology?

At the Restaurants Canada Show Kodisoft had an interactive menu table! After walking on it to check how many shocks it could handle during a service, I was able see which dishes were available, order my meal, play games like air hockey while the food was being prepared and even got tempted to get some dessert when my table suggested ordering a scrumptious looking slice of apple pie.

But that’s not the only innovation you will see arriving at your table! Your consumers might be checking what’s on their plate thanks to Tellspec. This device allows you to ensure the food is safe for people with allergies. This foodservice advancement drastically reduces food allergy ordering mix-ups and mishaps before the food is prepared!

5 innovation trends showcased at RC Show 2018


For the third year in a row, craft beer topped Restaurants Canada’s Chef’s Survey. So, it was no surprise to see several crowd-pleasing craft breweries in RC Show 2018’s bar and beverage section, where companies like Partake Brewing were showcasing its award-winning alcohol-free beer.

To keep things exciting, the Restaurants Canada Show featured an exciting way to get your beer out with Reverse Tap. “Bottoms up” is no longer just a drinking phrase – it’s a way to pour beer. The company’s dispenser and complementary glassware let you pour lagers and stouts from the bottom up. What is the advantage for your business? Fewer kegs purchased, fewer bad pours, and improved keg yield. Plus, speedier pours means better customer service and satisfaction. And if you were with us, you probably witnessed the excitement in the crowd when the glass lights up to put on its own show!

5 innovation trends showcased at RC Show 2018


Where food comes from and how it was farmed is a growing concern for your consumers. Sustainability, besides being a selling point for your business, is also an opportunity to save money and make a difference.

This year, the Restaurants Canada Show featured sustainably grown Ontario shrimp. If you were at the show you most likely tried this delicious and fresh as can be shrimp. Thanks to aquaculture, you can buy shrimp grown in Ontario and farmed sustainably through Planet Shrimp. Plus, these shrimps are salt-free since it grows in clear water!

When it comes to sustainability though, the star of the show was LEAF and its impressive work helping restaurants become more sustainable by providing them with a certification so clients are aware of the eco-friendly strides a particular restaurant is doing to help make the world a better place. Besides allowing food operators to reduce their costs, LEAF also provides support and guidance for restaurant owners committed to making a difference.

5 innovation trends showcased at RC Show 2018


Cannabis cocktails and other weed plates are about to become a reality in restaurants. While it is not available yet for a tradeshow tasting, Restaurants Canada hosted a savvy panel of key players in the cannabis industry. Starseed, Emblem Corp. and Tweed discussed the future of this substance in the foodservice industry and all the innovation that will be coming from it in terms of flavours, and techniques to use it.

At the RC show,  Levo Oil Infusion showcased a device that transforms what’s often a messy and laborious task into a process that’s as easy as making a cup of tea. Their machine can be used to combine ingredients, such as vanilla and butter to create a divine tasting cake or to make a basil-infused oil for your next dinner party with the touch of a button. And with the growth of cannabis in culinary offerings, the possibilities are endless!


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