Many customers rely on social media and online reviews when selecting which restaurant to frequent, evaluating every aspect of the business, including its washrooms. So it’s no surprise that your washrooms’ cleanliness has a direct impact on your business. A recent survey revealed that 85 percent of adults would not patronize businesses with negative online reviews about the cleanliness of its facilities.


Even well-stocked and stylish washrooms can produce negative feedback if they don’t maintain cleanliness. In fact, 95% of customers surveyed said they would avoid an establishment in the future if they found the restroom to be dirty. To improve customer satisfaction and eagerness to return to your restaurant, you must invest careful consideration into your washroom maintenance. Luckily, there are several simple steps restaurants can take to achieve a pristine and incredibly clean washroom.


Here are some tips for maintaining a clean washroom:

Keep Your Washrooms Clean to Keep Customers Coming BackDiscover What Your Customers Want in a Washroom

Who are your customers? Whether you’re serving large families or young professionals, you need to consider what your customer base expects from a washroom. After surveying 1,500 washroom users, owners and cleaning professionals, evidence was found that how people define and perceive “clean” varies with each group. For example, a restaurant frequented by mothers might be judged more by the quality and availability of changing tables in the washroom than by the amount of supplies.

Bonus tip:

Speak with your customers about their expectations—leave comment cards in the washrooms, invite them to complete a survey or speak with them directly. The more you know about your customers, the better you can target your efforts to improve their washroom experience.


Keep Your Washrooms Clean to Keep Customers Coming BackEstablish a Consistent Cleaning Schedule

The key to a clean washroom is instituting cleaning protocols. Restaurants should employ a spot cleaning checklist to certify that washrooms look their best throughout the entire day. Spot cleaning targets key focus areas, and should be performed every 15 minutes during peak traffic periods. In less than five minutes, attendants can sweep the washroom, wipe down surfaces and restock products. These quick interventions—in addition to daily cleaning and regular deep cleaning—help every customer experience comfort and cleanliness when visiting your washroom.

Bonus tip:

Put your customers’ minds at ease and establish accountability with your staff by posting a visible cleaning schedule in your washroom. This schedule should include expected cleaning tasks, indicate the order that the washroom is cleaned and note when cleaning was last completed.


Use the Right Products for Your Washroom

There are plenty of products you should be using to increase the experience of your washroom. Beyond the bare necessities like toilet paper, hand towels and soap, other products designed to improve things like odour greatly impact washroom impression. Make sure your staff has access to necessary cleaning tools such as such as wipes, mops and proper cleaning chemicals. Having the most effective tools reduces cleaning time and mitigates the risk of certain cleanliness tasks going undone.

Bonus tip:

Choose air fresheners that operate on a 24-hour basis and neutralize odour-causing bacteria. You can also install automatic flushes, automatic drips and urinal screens to help prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, while also eliminating odours. Washroom smell is often the first thing your customers notice, so take care that your washroom gives a good first impression.


Every year, Cintas scours the country searching for Canada’s Best Restroom. The winning washrooms stand out for their unique designs and exceptional features. However, the quality that distinguishes them most is a commitment to customer experience and comfort. An award-winning washroom must be clean, well maintained and shaped to meet the needs of its customers.

Canada’s restaurants are some of the most vibrant and innovative in the world, and the washrooms are no exception. If your restaurant features a washroom with stunning stalls or fascinating faucets, nominate it by June 15 for the 2018 Canada’s Best Restroom contest here!

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