Toronto Cocktail Conference, taking place from August 13-15 at The Drake Hotel, features thirty industry-leading speakers from around the globe. You will also find tasting stations, parties, a cocktail competition, a plethora of fun activations and more.

Toronto Cocktail Conference (TOCC) is brought to you by The Drake x Bartender Atlas.


Top Five Highlights of the Conference


We have created a TOCC Mentorship program that we are really excited about. The mentoring program will allow TOCC ticket holders to grab a coffee and talk one-on-one with one of our incredible speakers. This is a great opportunity to speak with these industry leaders and ask them for advice and feedback – it’s your chance to really engage on a personal level.


We are very excited to be hosting 30 industry leaders from every corner of the globe for TOCC. These speakers are coming from places across the country and the globe – from Shanghai to Bogata, New Orleans to Seattle, Victoria to Halifax and all across Toronto. During TOCC, there will be 20 seminars aimed at all skill levels of bartenders and includes topics from the practical to historical and everything in between.


Ashtin Berry is an industry leader from New Orleans and we are so excited to be bringing her to Toronto for TOCC! On the Wednesday of TOCC, she will be running a  Gatekeepers Workshop. This workshop will dive in deep into the ability of bartenders and hospitality members to transform spaces, and the necessity of bars and restaurants to look at inclusivity as the first step in making spaces safe. It will focus on introducing terms, concepts and models of engagement including bystander awareness, communication patterns and looking at networks as equity pools. Participants will be broken into small groups throughout the workshop to problem-solve through case studies. They will later reconvene to work through creating preventative systems and support networks for the different studies. Each participating individual will have the opportunity to play many different roles to help them better understand power dynamics, personal vs. group communication patterns and how to leverage networks to create bridges for access.


Wasteland Paradise closes the Toronto Cocktail Conference in grand style.  This party stands for anti-waste, unity and inclusion. Created by Kelsey Ramage and Iain Griffiths of The Trash Collective, the event will embrace a save-the-environment, inclusive attitude. The event features anti-waste drinks featuring Absolut vodka and Olmeca Altos tequila while a DJ keeps guests moving on the dance floor. $5 trashy cocktails will be on offer all night long.


What we are most excited about with TOCC is bringing the community together to educate and learn from each other. Attendees are coming to Toronto from all over North America to attend TOCC. With the seminars, tastings and events, we know that new friendships and collaborations will be born and our community will grow stronger.