Given all the recent uncertainty surrounding international trade relations, this harvest season is an especially important time for everyone across the foodservice industry to come together in support of Canadian food.

With Canada being the world’s fifth largest exporter of agriculture products, our farming communities largely depend on foreign markets for their livelihood. But our actions here at home can still make an important difference.


Putting Canada on the Menu with Food Day Canada

One way to show support is by serving cuisine made with domestically sourced ingredients and joining in the celebration of Food Day Canada on Saturday, Aug. 3.

For 16 years, this mid-summer day of action has been giving Canadians a platform to share our distinct and diverse culinary culture with each other and the world.

Started by Anita Stewart, an educator and writer who has been advocating on behalf of Canadian cuisine for decades, Food Day Canada takes place annually on the first Saturday in August, from coast to coast and beyond.

It began as the World’s Longest Barbeque in the summer of 2003, as an act of solidarity with cattle farmers across the country who were suffering under a worldwide ban on Canadian beef exports. The call to action was answered not only by meat-loving Canucks, but also by supporters around the globe — the first person to light up a grill was in Japan, then the event followed the sun until it ended in Victoria, British Columbia.

Out of the embers of that success, Food Day Canada was born!


Canadian Food Needs You and Here is How You Can Help

How to Get Involved

Joining in is easy: Simply create a dish using Canadian ingredients and send what you’re serving to to be featured on the Food Day Canada website.

You can also add the hashtags #FoodDayCanada and #CanadaIsFood to your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to help spread the word and promote Canadian food.

Let’s all come together and raise a glass with our farmers and fishers; our chefs and researchers; and everyone enjoying Canadian cuisine while eating in and dining out.

Together we can make sure Canada is on our menus here at home and on the menus of the world. The more we support our local heroes and take pride in the food they produce, the more we will have to celebrate with each other each year.

Food Day Canada

Who: Anyone and everyone who loves Canadian food.

What: The food community is coming together to put Canada on the menu in celebration of Food Day Canada/ Journée des terroirs. Shop like a Canadian. Cook like a Canadian. Eat like a Canadian.

When: All day long on Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019.

Where: Anywhere and everywhere within Canada and beyond. BBQs, picnics, ordering in, dining out… Enjoy Canadian-grown, Canadian-made food wherever you are!