Anita Chauhan


Food inflation metrics: what they are and how to use them

Governments around the world regularly measure the rate of price change in all industries, including the restaurant and grocery sectors. As restaurant operators, you can use this data – known as food inflation metrics – to compare price changes in your organization with price changes in the overall restaurant and grocery industries. It can also shed light on the competitive landscape. In Canada, Statistics Canada produces two metrics: Food Purchased From Restaurants (aka: Food Away From Home or FAFH) and Food Purchased From Stores (aka: Food At Home or FAH). Food Purchased From Restaurants measures the price of eating out, from quick-service to fine-dining. Food Purchased From Stores is the grocery index. It captures food purchased from grocery stores (or other food stores), and food prepared by consumers on trips. Both indices provide important data for the restaurant industry. Reviewing restaurant food inflation data for your region helps you understand where…