Anita Chauhan


Using Every Part: Can the Garbage-to-Plate Movement Help Reduce Food Waste?

A new trend is showing up on the restaurant scene: garbage-to-plate dining. As hilarious (or disgusting to some) as it sounds, this movement could be a positive solution to some of the food production problems we’ve been plagued with lately. With an increased effort to reduce and minimize food waste there is an awareness of how much we as a global society waste each day, and how it can be better used. We have seen an increase in policy changes in places such as France, which have a long cultural history of shunning the concept of ‘doggie bags’ in favour of food waste reduction incentives. We’re seeing positive grassroots movements by renowned chefs who are helping to put a popular spin on ethical dining. Coming up with new and creative ways to use leftovers or spoiled food, from zucchini tops to using sour milk instead of throwing it out, is a trend that is drawing us back to…