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Quinoa ’s Next Wave – Spoiler alert: it’s Canadian

We spilled the grains – you already know we are going to talk about quinoa! As every chef knows, balancing creativity and profitability when writing a new menu is a challenge. How do you find fresh ways to let your craft shine without alienating your customers? How do you create dishes you’re excited about while meeting growing dietary demands, like plant-based and gluten-free? An on-trend ingredient, especially one that checks all the right boxes (plant-based, high-protein, gluten-free), is a great place to play. After years of surging popularity, quinoa isn’t new on Canadian menus, and that’s exactly why it’s ripe for menu invention. And with a new, distinctly Canadian-grown varietal on the market, this tiny grain can do more than you may realize. It’s the perfect time to elevate quinoa beyond that same old salad and ride the next wave of menu innovation. Not all quinoa is the same…