Chad Finkelstein


Cannabis and Foodservice – The Legal Issues to Consider Now For the Laws That Almost Exist

On Oct. 17, 2018, the manufacture, sale and distribution of cannabis for recreational use will become legal. Across the country, Canadian businesses are wondering what this will mean for them and what opportunities it may present. I have spoken with many members of the Canadian restaurant and foodservice community, and the common refrain is that people know they want to be part of this green wave, but they don’t know how or in what way. On Oct. 15, the Food Innovation and Research Studio at George Brown College will be hosting a conference called The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Cannabis-Infused Edibles and Beverages. Sponsored by Restaurants Canada, this event will feature a wide array of speakers with different areas of expertise. Foodservice professionals who are interested in learning about how they can get involved with this billion dollar industry should definitely join us. In the meantime, the following is an overview…