Chris Szego


How Restaurants Can Save Water: 10 Tips for Foodservice Operators

Approximately 15 per cent of all industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) water usage comes from the restaurant industry. From prep to cooking, from washing to sanitizing, foodservice operators use water throughout their whole process. A Vancouver benchmark study revealed usage figures of 87.1 litres per seat, per day, with some mild variance for type of food and service. Nevertheless, across the board, that usage number rises in the summer. While Canada’s freshwater is abundant, it’s not evenly spread across the country. Nor is it infinite. Recent years have made us all more aware of human impact on our water systems, and with hard work we have made improvements in both water conservation and quality. Continued improvement is not only possible, it also provides benefits in unexpected directions. Kimberly Wright-Caraballo, a Water Consultant with the City of Toronto, explains that every cubic litre of water saved also saves one kilowatt hour…