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Chef Tips to Boost Flavour in Your Dish

We teamed up with Club House and asked 10 culinary greats how they ensure memorable, savoury flavour in their creations and are passing the knowledge onto you on how to boost flavour! Here’s what they had to say. “We make everything from scratch, hand-selecting the best possible ingredients for our food. I learn and understand each step of the food and teach my team to do the same” – Chef Nuit Regular, Pai Northern Thai Kitchen. “We use a lot of herbs, spices and unfamiliar, international flavours and ingredients like chili, fennel and coriander, mainly ingredients that came to Canada for the first time from the port of St. John’s. They’ll get added to familiar Newfoundland ingredients, like adding fennel seed to chili to make a ceviche with halibut” – Chef Todd Perrin, Mallard Cottage. “It’s all about the spicing, the marination and the technology. We use infrared roast rotisserie and…