Stick to the Basics: 2018 Study Reveals Canadians Favour Classic Fruit Flavours

Move over, mangosteen! See ya, starfruit! Later, lychee! That’s right, when it comes to fruit flavours in their sweet treats, Canadians prefer things, let’s say, a little less exotic. In fact, Canadians favour classic fruit flavours. A recent survey conducted by the marketing team at Puratos Canada — widely recognized as a leader in the Canadian patisserie market — delved into the topic of none other than fruit flavours. Particularly, they wanted to know what flavour profiles were most likely to promote a purchase of a sweet baked good. The results were rather surprising, to say the least. “Comfort” fruits take top-billing in survey In this era of Instagrammable food, sliced apples unpredictably managed to top the list. No, not exactly a likely candidate to break the internet, is it? And yet, 75 per cent of those polled indicated they would be interested in buying sliced apple patisserie and baked…