Dan Huang


Mocktails and Dry9: Growing demand for non-alcoholic drinks

Alberta bars and restaurants are leading the country with a hot, new and exciting trend – mocktails. Providing non-alcoholic drink options on menus is becoming in higher demand each day and Alberta restaurateurs are capitalizing on this craze. Instead of simply offering water or pop options for alcohol-free patrons, many establishments discovered that serving up innovative, creative and tasty non-alcoholic drinks provides an option for a large segment of patrons, including those making a choice not to drink alcohol, designated drivers and moms-to-be. Jesse Kupina, Owner of Two12 Social Company, which runs a number of restaurants and nightclubs in Edmonton and a Restaurants Canada member since 2011, notes there is growing demand for high quality alcohol-free cocktails. Jesse will be supporting his wife’s pregnancy by going alcohol-free and understands why non-alcoholic drink options are important. “It is my belief that moms-to-be who like to eat out don’t stop when they…