Dean Harrison


Sustainability and Waste Reduction in the Hospitality Industry: How the Right Policies can Increase Profitability

The North American hospitality industry has witnessed a significant shift in consumer behaviour and values as millennials have come of age. Authenticity, transparency, and optics now play a critical role in developing an on-going relationship with guests; whether that’s in a restaurant’s brick and mortar space, on their digital and social media platforms, through their print menus, or even during guest interactions. According to, ‘Foodservice Facts 2019’ millennials are Canada’s biggest spenders in the restaurant demographic. For example, consumers under 30 years old spend 44% of their food dollar on food and alcohol from restaurants compared to 27% for those 65 and older. Winning with this persuasive segment is something that every hospitality-based business needs to consider to maximize volume and profit, and ultimately thrive in this highly competitive industry. When deciding where to dine, the majority of millennial consumers value spending with companies that have clearly-defined policies in place,…