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The Mobile Payment App Uprising Your Kitchen Can’t Afford to Ignore

Knife, spoon, chopsticks, fork — our tables have known a lot of utensils, but more recently another piece of hardware has found a home at dinner tables: The smartphone. Not only have these pocket computers earned a place by your plate — sorry, Mom and Dad — they’re quickly proving they can make any dining experience more pleasant, more prompt, and more profitable for restaurants and those they feed. A huge and growing majority of Canadians — nearly 80 percent at last count — already use smartphones. By 2025 customers will probably reach first for their phones, not their credit cards, when it comes time to pay the tab. Here’s why you can’t afford to snub tech in favour of pen, paper and plastic. Apps make the world go round More than ever before, people are navigating the world with the electronic tools at their fingertips. Banking, shopping, making friends…