Mc Cormick


Top 5 Trendiest Flavours For 2018

This year’s #FlavourForecast highlights the casual, adventurous and interactive nature of how people are eating across the globe today. Dive into street food flavour fusion with a gyro-taco hybrid – plantain arepas filled with grilled steak and tzatziki hot sauce. Discover a Japanese izakaya favourite, onigiri stuffed rice balls, sprinkled with furikake seasoning. And, take a bite of East Africa with spicy Tanzanian BBQ skewers and tomato onion sauce. Since 2000, McCormick has deployed its international team of experts, chefs, trend trackers and food technologists to explore and identify tomorrow’s favourite flavours featured in its annual Flavour Forecast. The team predicted smoky, spicy chipotle in 2000, rich and versatile maple in 2007, refreshingly sweet coconut water and milk in 2008, golden turmeric in 2010 and tangy, savoury Korean BBQ in 2012. “In McCormick’s 2018 Flavour Forecast report, we continue to bring new tastes from around the world to your table,”…