Marlee Wasser


Restaurant Realities: Raising Our Voice in Alberta

With a spring election coming up in Alberta, restaurateurs from across the province are joining forces to make sure their voice is heard. Restaurants Canada is leading the conversation with Restaurant Realities — a non-partisan campaign that is encouraging constructive engagement around: The perfect storm of operational challenges that recent government policies have created for foodservice businesses against the backdrop of Alberta’s already weak economy. Policy recommendations that Restaurants Canada has shared with all of Alberta’s major political parties to improve realities for restaurants across the province. Restaurants Canada shared 16 recommendations with all parties on Jan. 14 and invited them to share their solutions with restaurateurs at two campaign launch events: one in Edmonton on Feb. 12 and another in Calgary on Feb. 13. As election day approaches, we encourage everyone who cares about Alberta’s foodservice community to get informed at and reach out to local candidates about the…