Paul McKay


Rising Labour Cost Makes Tech Options More Attractive

The divisive Minimum Wage discussion is under way in Ontario, on the heels of Alberta, and perhaps, in advance of British Columbia. Setting politics (not to be confused with rational economic policy) aside for the moment, let’s address the consequences should this legislation proceed as presented. What options do food service owner-operators, particularly at the lower end of the spectrum (in a volume of business sense), have in order to save their businesses, and to stay alive to employ as many as possible under the circumstances? Technology provides some options that are favourably regarded by consumers. How can restaurants use technology to get a better handle on labour costs and  increase revenues through efficient operating platforms? To help me answer the question, I spoke with Akshay Pandya of Zuzapp, one of our partners in our Summer Sizzle Restaurants Canada offer (more on that later). Here’s a summary of our conversation: PM:  Akshay, what can restaurants do to…