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Food safety during a flood

Floods can have a devastating impact on your business and community. Here’s what you need to know if your restaurant or foodservice operation is affected by flooding. Your facilities and equipment If your property has sustained flood damage, loss of power, water, or other municipal services, you may need approval from local health authorities and fire inspectors to re-open your business. Structural parts of the building like walls, pipes, the ceiling, and vents must be disinfected and repaired to remove mould. Water damaged wallboard must be destroyed, but cement walls with mould damage can be reconditioned. Wash all surfaces like floors, walls and ceilings using potable water and hot detergent. Rinse off residue and then sanitize them. Clean exhaust systems and hoods. Replace water damaged ventilation systems that can’t be thoroughly disinfected. Always replace all ventilation air filters. Ensure that these services and equipment are fully functioning at your restaurants:…