Sara Poloni


Bellavita Expo Presents Authentic Italian

Italian food was once a culinary novelty in Canada. Brought over by immigrants after the Second World War, it spoke of home and family to the thousands of settlers looking to build a new life across the Atlantic. Families often grew their own produce in their backyards, and kitchens brimmed with jars of preserved vegetables, tomato sauce, hams and salami – memories of rural traditions from back home. Some of those traditions are still alive, while others are being left behind – and for good reason! Bellavita Expo protects the finest authentic Italian food from wannabes and sound-alikes. To understand how these imitation products flourished, it’s important to know a little history. Italian food in Canada In “Little Italy’s” all over Canada, immigrants started to open restaurants and delis catering mostly to other homesick settlers. With time, however, Italian food grew in popularity and became a staple in the Canadian…