Viktoria Belle


It’s Time for Our Industry to Invest in Safety

I grew up in a culture where food and environment were considered one and the same. Like a great cocktail or menu, creating safer spaces requires innovation, dedication, time and opportunities for change, feedback and enhancement. We have read many articles and seen first-hand the damage that sexual harassment and violence has on individuals and on our collective spaces. There have been countless disclosures and stories from chefs, owners, staff, patrons, industry leaders and survivors all echoing the same conclusion: something should have been done sooner. Shea Coulson, a Vancouver-based lawyer and founder of Coulson Litigation, which specializes in liquor and hospitality law, has said “the #MeToo movement has created a new normative expectation, people who feel they have been harassed are going to be more motivated to actually deal with the issue. There are going to be more allegations, more lawsuits, more criminal charges and a lot of negative…