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7 Ways to Cash in on the Shift to Plant-Based Protein

The explosion in consumer demand for plant-based foods was on full display this summer when A&W suffered a “Canada-wide” shortage of Beyond Meat Burgers, just one month after launch. Fans of the new product had to wait until Oct. 1 for the North Vancouver-based chain to finally bring back the popular plant-based patties. What this episode clearly revealed is that when foodservice gets plant-based protein right, the results can be phenomenal. Many restaurants are still sitting out the plant-based revolution, unsure how to position meat alternatives for maximum appeal to mainstream consumers. Below are some ways to cash in on the shift to plant-based protein. Embrace the health halo According to market research firm Nielsen, 46 per cent of Canadian consumers associate plant proteins with positive health effects. South of the border, Datassential’s Plant-Based Eating Keynote Report found the number 1 reason (chosen by 49 per cent of respondents)…