Gluten, Gluten Everywhere: and Not a Bite to Eat

Gluten, Gluten Everywhere: and Not a Bite to Eat During my second year of university, I lived off campus with a handful of friends I had made as a freshman in residence. Living outside of the university bubble for the first time proved challenging. Along with paying the rent, the added costs of groceries and utility bills often had me juggling multiple part-time jobs along with the standard load of coursework to make it through. That first semester off campus was, culinarily speaking, not a very enlightened time. It seemed like just about everything we ate that year came out of boxes or vacuum-sealed bags  filled with water soluble ingredients. We dined like astronauts in orbit. The neighbourhood boasted a plentiful student population, and in their company, my imagination was set ablaze with new and exciting ideas. When our neighbours hosted a breakfast kegger at their house across the street,…