Canadian Politics


Unhappy Hour for a Broad Swath of Industries in Canada

For the past 150 years, enjoying a glass of wine, beer or spirits has become part of Canada’s lifestyle, culture and diet.  The value added production of beverage alcohol from farm to glass has evolved, but its linkages with gastronomy, history, tradition, origin, local quality products and social settings remain a part of everyday life for the vast majority of Canadians. The beer, wine and spirits sector and its economic operators, make an invaluable economic, social, agricultural and environmental contribution to our nation.  Is this about to change? Budget 2017, dubbed as “Building a Strong Middle Class” is sending a mixed message to Canadians.  On the one hand, it draws from the Prime Minister’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth, which identified Canada’s value added agri-food industry as an engine of growth, and at the same time proposes a 2% increase in the excise duty on Canada’s highest value added products…