Food Safety: How Clean Are Your Restaurant’s Touchscreen Devices?

It’s lunchtime in America, and 140 million of us are eating a meal away from home every day. That’s roughly 40% of the entire population. Every. Single. Day. One could argue then, that it’s nothing short of a miracle that only 1 in 6 of us will get sick in any given year from a food borne pathogen. We’ve all read the 3,000 deaths per year statistic (CDC), but as a percentage of total meals eaten away from home, this number is thankfully lower than it could be. And yet, the high cost of addressing food borne illness is alarming, especially when prevention is seemingly so simple. Full disclosure: I am the GM of a food safety-driven organization that specializes in pre-moistened wipe solutions designed to prevent cross-contamination and limit food borne disease. But for the purposes of this article, my occupation only serves as a vantage point from which…