5 Competitions to Check out at RC Show 2018

The RC Show is known for bringing new innovations to the table and one experience that innovation collides with exciting creativity is at the competitions! We’ve rounded up the top five coffee, cocktails and culinary competitions taking stage – and no prisoners – at this year’s RC Show: Coffee In Good Spirits  Coffee with liquor is one of the best food and beverage fusions since mac met cheese. This is the first competition of its kind held in Canada and will be running over all three days of the show. Here the competitors, made up of baristas and mixologists are required to produce two sets of drinks: The first being their take on Irish Coffee and the second being their own choice based on the spirit unveiled this year. Sunday & Monday, Feb 25th & 26th: 12pm-4pm, Finals Tuesday, Feb 27th: 10:20am-12:15pm Latte Art Nationals  Giving the competitions’ a caffeine…