Restaurants, grow in the city! It’s the newest trend.

To serve the best food, you need the best ingredients. All chefs know the importance of ultra-fresh produce and how it is sometimes difficult to find or grow. That’s when Urban Farming comes in handy! Why grow in the city? Imagine: Crisp herbs and greens still bursting with fresh-picked flavour Tomatoes and peppers harvested at their peak ripeness Becoming a green restaurant and cutting the carbon cost of travelling food and reducing the amount of packaging going to landfill Getting the best prices in town Reducing food waste Special access to unique heirloom greens Fixing your sourcing issues These are just some of the benefits attributed to growing your own produce, or buying from local producers. Can cities, with their limited and costly space, accommodate the idea of growing your own vegetable, fruits and herbs? Thanks to new technologies, some restaurants and their chefs are already proving that it is…