Blunt Inquiry Asks… Chefs Connie & John of Charcut!

What is your idea of a perfect restaurant? I don’t think that exists … Restaurants are not meant to be perfect. Our ideal experience is sharing delicious food with people that have amazing energy… – John I love to leave satisfied and with some lasting memories from the whole experience. It does not matter how casual or how upscale the restaurant is… A restaurant nails it when they have the right balance. – Connie What is your greatest fear at work? That I will get in shit from Connie about something I did wrong. – John Which working Chef do you most admire? Lynn Crawford…  she is a seriously bad ass chef but so kind and humble…. – Connie What part of work ‘you’ do you most deplore in yourself? That I am now slower then Connie at pretty much every task. – John What would instantly make you fire someone? Stealing …  – Connie What was…