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Ten Ways to Write —and Sell— a Great Canadian Menu

For the past 25 years, I’ve been championing Canadian cuisine around the world; first as a chef and now as a consultant, I am always trying to build a great Canadian menu. I travel more than 250 days a year sharing culinary stories with international governments and the private sector advising on culinary tourism and hospitality strategies. I work on projects as diverse as collaborating with Greg Klassen and his team at Twenty 31 on the framework for Canada’s National Culinary Tourism Strategy; working with a private entrepreneur, the province of New Brunswick and Shediac businesses to create a world-leading Canadian Seafood Centre of Excellence and Innovation; and being a regular keynote speaker on culinary tourism around the world from Australia to Morocco. It’s become clear to me that labelling your food as ‘Farm to Table’ or boasting that you ‘Buy Local’ simply isn’t enough anymore; not when even the…