Three Easy Ways Restaurants Can Encourage Repeat Customers

It won’t surprise Canadian restaurant operators to learn that Canadian consumers frequently enjoy taking their meals outside of their homes. In fact, according to our recent food & beverage industry research, 71% of Canadians dine out up to 10 times per month. How can restaurants ensure that one (or two, or three) of those 10 visits are to their establishment?  After all, with new food and beverage outlets opening every week, there’s an ever-expanding menu of dining options for Canadian consumers to choose from.  In this crowded and competitive environment, encouraging greater frequency is the key to maintaining positive margins and growing revenue. While the Canadian food and beverage (F&B) landscape is thriving at the macro level, individual businesses report difficulties increasing customers’ visit frequency. Now more than ever, it’s important for F&B operators to offer customers the right incentives—in the right channels—to come back. Give Customers a Reason to…