Starting The Year With A New Style – Napkin Folding 101

An important part of a restaurant success comes from paying special attention to the details. Those small finishing touches can make a big difference like for example: napkin folding. So why not start the year with a new style? A perfectly set table is a small masterpiece. And a beautifully folded napkin adds an elegant finishing touch to a dining table. Napkin folding is also a perfect way to dress up your table without much extra cost! Cloth napkins make your guests feel that the meal is an event filled with moments worth savouring. Intricately folded napkins on the empty dinner plates or in water goblets add beauty and a formal polish to the table. There are a number of different napkin folding options, and here’s a pleasant surprise, they are actually a lot easier to fold than you may think. Here are 11 napkin folds and instructions on how to create them.…