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10 Website Design Rules You Cannot Afford to Ignore

10 Website Design Rules You Cannot Afford To Ignore In today’s digital age we live and do business in, focusing on your local customers alone is an out-dated practice. You want to bring customers to your tables, regardless of their physical location. How can you extend your reach to these customers? A strong presence online. Although not everything in the digital landscape is under your control, your website is completely your domain. Why are these rules so important? Check out the tidbits of data from the Discerning Diner report that surveyed nearly 1000 Canadians on their dining habits. Here are the top 10 rules your website design should follow: Target your eater. Building a successful website means understanding your demographic. You know who you’re in business for, so let’s break down your target customer to help you build the website experience they seek. These are a few questions you may…