Hungry for Change: How Younger Canadians Are Transforming Canada’s Foodservice Industry

On the surface, Canada’s foodservice industry enjoyed a strong year of growth, with total foodservice spending climbing by 5.1% to a record $89 billion in 2018. Once adjusted for menu inflation of 4.2% and unit growth of 1.0%, however, real foodservice spending at the unit level was relatively flat (-0.05%).   Nevertheless, in the past five years, nominal foodservice sales have increased by more than 5% each year. One of the main factors driving nominal sales growth are consumers under 40 years old, as they are the biggest spenders in the foodservice industry.   Households with occupants between the ages of 30 and 39, spent an average of $3,911 at restaurants and licensed establishments in 2017 (the most recent year available).  Households with occupants under 30 years old spent an average of $3,780. In fact, those under 30 years old spend a staggering 44% of their total food dollar at…