Outlook for 2016: An Economist’s Dilemma

Between oil prices and the stock market, there’s a lot of uncertainty about what lies ahead for the Canadian economy.   Even the major economic forecasters can’t agree, since they’re predicting real GDP growth rates of anywhere between 1.0% and 2.2%. Consumer spending, oil prices, and the impact of a lower Canadian dollar on imports – economists aren’t agreeing on any of it. Adding to the confusion is how sluggish economic activity in emerging markets such as China, Russia and Brazil may affect the Canadian economy. What economists do agree on – kinda – is that we’re in for a bumpy ride, perhaps in the short term.  Maybe. It isn’t surprising that all this uncertainty is bad for business and consumer confidence, which usually leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy of weaker economic growth.  So what does this mean for the foodservice industry? Restaurant operators are equally mixed about what the…