Is Your Menu Fulfilling our National Appetite for Plant-Based Foods?

For many, a new year represents a fresh start. For foodservice industry professionals the new year is a great opportunity to consider emerging food and beverage trends for 2018. And this year, the most defining national trend is quite clear – plant-based foods will be all the rage. Need proof? Here’s what the experts are saying. Baum+Whitman’s food trend report identifies plant-based foods going mainstream as the 2018 trend of the year “Innova shows there has been a huge rise in plant-based everything” Mintel research group experienced a 25% increase in vegetarian claims and a 257% increase in vegan claims in new grocery store products between 2012 and 2016 Nielsen market research shows plant-based food sales grew by 8.1% last year People are eager to learn more – Google reported “plant-based diet” as one of 2017’s top searched by Canadians Inevitably, vegan and vegetarian diners, formerly seen as the “complicated…