Curious for a Canadian Bar Hop?

With the cocktail industry’s glorious boom and the proliferation of a creative mixology culture, urban hipsters are on the constant lookout for a unique bar experience. Consumers are increasingly spending time and money on discovering new cultural experiences, especially in social drinking settings. Although it’s been widely overwhelming for consumers, the global cocktail craze has been just as exciting, if not more so, for bar owners. Bartenders now unleash their creativity in drink ingredients and bar décor. This rise in innovative drinking culture, unconventional themes and celebrity mixologists have brought you some ultimate trendsetters in famous cities across Canada. Since the 2017 Canadian Chef Survey places “culinary cocktails” 2nd on the up-and-comers list, we’ve sifted through butter beers, cherry bark-smoked bourbons and death potions in Caesars to serve you some of the most one-of-a-kind bars in Canada. The Lockhart Bar – Toronto, Ontario Toronto is the home to this Harry…