Everything Canadian restaurateurs need to know about virtual restaurants

What is a virtual restaurant (aka virtual kitchen)? Virtual restaurants take orders through online apps (like Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Skip the Dishes) and prepare food exclusively for pick-up, take-out and delivery customers. Virtual restaurant concepts only exist in apps, and use ‘ghost kitchens’ (aka ‘virtual kitchens’ or ‘dark kitchens’) to serve a virtual menu to virtual customers. Savvy restaurateurs have developed the virtual restaurant concept alongside the exploding third party delivery app market to capture incremental revenue increases. The sales increase comes from successfully optimizing food production lines to serve in-house and virtual customers, without adding additional operational costs. Before getting into the two main virtual restaurant strategies, you might be wondering: Why bother opening a virtual restaurant in the first place? Why bother opening a virtual restaurant? Labour cost is one of the largest (and growing) challenges faced by restaurateurs today. According to NRCP industry analyst Dean Haskell,…